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"Inspired by confidence. Tailored to liberate."

At PEET DULLAERT we celebrate unique vision and identity. Connecting generations and reflecting on the world through our collections and various tribute stories.

With a keen focus on a wardrobe that breathes energy and fresh optimism, the PEET DULLAERT ready to wear collections deliver a unique exploration of contemporary and intelligent silhouette. "Interchangeables, emphasising the liberating perspectives we believe in, embracing all genders and bodies."

Streamlined and forward thinking design with a view on the synergy between the practical demands of a modern wardrobe and the desire to indulge in exquisite things. "The pure connection between the wearer and the garment".

Peet Dullaert devotes itself to help to protect our Earth's Biosphere and support families to plant their way out of extreme poverty. This approach is part of the brand's mission to further our responsible production cycle.

Read more about our 'Care For Earth - Plant For The Future' approach here.

Since its foundation in 2012, PEET DULLAERT caters to a global audience online and through select stores across the globe.

Peet Dullaert founded his eponymous label at the age of 23. As the Creative Director, he is closely connected to all aspects of the design process.

His work reflects on the lives of the diverse group of individuals around him. Generations who inspire and teach him, currently and over time. With his sharp and optimistic vision, he creates clothes that breathe an effortless spirit, catered around the world.

Working closely in synergy with the body, the collections, shown in Paris, deliver a freedom of movement that is so essential today. Modern cuts are tailored to embrace and flow around the body, fit today's posture, comfort and body movement.

With a high regard for creation, designs find their origin using drape-techniques and materials to form and refine contemporary, individual and liberating shape before a pattern is created.

Peet Dullaert studied at the ArtEZ fashion department in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Following his graduation he was eager to reflect on the current industry with key figures from the past, among them Pierre Bergé and Baroness Hélène de Ludinghausen, former Directrice of Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture. His answer was to develop a balanced and responsible production cycle on his own terms. With distribution relevant to modern life, both in terms of desire and demand. Implemented in 2014, this solution continues to support his creative vision.