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Care For Earth - Plant For The Future

PEET DULLAERT is devoted to support ocean and biosphere preservation projects, and plant towards a greener future. This approach is part of the company's mission to further its responsible in-house production cycle, with sustainable made-to-order collections and Couture at its foundation.

"While we celebrate unique vision and identity of people, connect generations, and reflect on the world with responsibly made collections, we share tribute stories inspired by our resonating Earth and the mystical environments surrounding us.

In essence, we communicate a responsible alternative for luxury fashion and highlight our inseparable connection with Earth and our responsibility to care. As people, as a community.

A world in desperate need of change. Today, more than ever, your choices now are universal legacy." - Peet Dullaert

For every purchase made at and sold to retailers we support a variety of care-initiatives, while we use green energy, and ship orders carbon neutral in our fully recyclable packaging :

We contribute 1% of : our revenue received through Stripe automatically to carbon removal as a Stripe Climate Member,

revenue received through other payment methods contributes to 'One Tree Planted', where we donate trees to be planted in the Amazon rainforest, known as the lungs of this Earth, and to the 'Trees for the Future' organisation; to help improve the livelihoods of impoverished families by aiding to revitalise degraded lands through Forest Gardens. Both in effort to reverse deforestation to help counter climate change.

Our 'Care For Earth' approach helps fund the
The Ocean Cleanup, while we simultaneously call for awareness to help protect and preserve oceans and decaying coral reefs through our inspired collections.

"Together we contribute to a greener world."  | These organisation are non-profit causes.