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Couture Printemps-Été 2024 Campaign : "Beauty. Our Digital Age"

Gia Bab 
is the face of the latest Couture campaign, in a reflection of life in our digital age. Photographed by Omri Rosengart 


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“Our social fabric is made of our times, people, and also today, the transformative power of social media. I sometimes wonder, how I could possibly capture in a post, to share, not only an image, but the depth of beauty that goes on behind such creation, as with this campaign we created together : a moment that honours individuality I love, incredibly inspiring movement, her personal silhouette, beauty, and resilience.

A celebration of people, and the myriad of their human silhouettes matters to me. And so, the inspiration at the Atelier here is rooted in it.
From the modern cuts developed, made to flow around your body, in effort to embrace you, and not claim.

Here I try to honour an original concept of couture, its meaningful past, its relevance today, and the future.

Ultimately I believe in a creation of couture, entirely shaped and constructed by a hand, a needle, a thread.” - Peet Dullaert