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2019-1 / FW19 COLLECTION

The Peet Dullaert Fall Winter 2019 collection reflects on Elements of foundation and Energies of transition; Soil, Aqua, Flame, Air, Quintessence, and their significant quality to shape life.

Through manual and technical manipulations inspired by growth, a forward motion, and expansion; designs resonate with an elongated fluidity, dropped waist-lines, and extended volumes. Exploring further; shapes are turned inside out, upside down, and constructions reversed calling for alternative perspective.

A symbolic connection is highlighted through an alternative cut, either tailored or knitted to embrace and flow around the body. Together with Peet Dullaert's signature Techno-pleat techniques, the collection continues to deliver fashion design made for modern posture and the inquisitive mind.

Elements that embody foundation are hand plated in lustrous shades of gold; the heels of a shoe, wooden buckles of a belt, and the fastenings of our carriers.

All luminous in the natural divine; these forceful symbols reflect serenity and define the importance of preserving our world. Click here to read more about Peet Dullaert's 'Care For Earth - Plant For The Future' initiative.

Continue to discover a selection of ready to wear in collaboration with London based artist Joshua Osborn -  An artisanal range of hand painted clothing, bags, shoes and jewellery.

"Inspired by confidence. Tailored to liberate."