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Prêt-à-Porter FW2024-25 Collection : "Capsule Couture"



Prêt-à-Porter Automne-Hiver 2024-2025 Collection

"Capsule Couture" 

In a reflection of life in our digital age, Gia Bab, the face of the latest couture campaign, wears the ready to wear capsule collection inspired by previous couture collections of the house - Photographed by Omri Rosengart, in the PEET DULLAERT Couture Salon in Paris.

What is beauty, the question that is the bane of our industry’s existence, cannot be addressed with only the presentation of the end product on the runway. From the cuts that mold on the body, to embrace it, not claim; our inspiration at the Atelier is rooted in celebration of the myriad of human silhouettes. 

Reflection on life in a digital age. Silhouettes emerging from a storm, to honour resilience and movement of the body. You are meant to live in our clothes, to be. The creations, crafted by artisanal fabric manipulation, resulting in unique surfaces that honour nature, reinterpret suiting adapted to modern posture [1] and flou-tailoring [2]. The exploration of organic shapes and the human anatomy through re-invented techno-pleat designs [3] is what the collection speaks to.

Such creation is greatly personal at the base of it all, and inspired by the lives of the diverse group of individuals around me, the generations that inspire and teach me. And so, our inspiration at the Atelier is rooted in this celebration of people, and the myriad of their human silhouettes. - Peet Dullaert


PEET DULLAERT is devoted to support initiatives that plant towards a greener future, under our Care for Earth pledge. [4] This approach is part of the company's mission to further our responsible in-house production cycle [5], with sustainable made-to-order collections at its foundation. "While we celebrate unique vision and identity of people, connect generations, and reflect on the world with responsibly made collections, we share tribute stories inspired by our resonating Earth and the mystical environments surrounding us. In essence, we communicate a responsible alternative for luxury fashion and highlight our inseparable connection with Earth and our responsibility to care ; As people, as a community.


  1.       PEET DULLAERT Signature Suiting - Cut for modern posture. Our cuts allow you to type on your phone, bend your arms at angles needed to live today’s lifestyle, whilst maintaining a fluid sartorial look. This is achieved through the house’s signature turned cut that allows for dynamic movement of the body, achieved through a bias-cut direction on the back and the arms. As opposed to traditional linear position of seams, that does not allow the wearer to live an active life, our signature cut allows for free movement of the arms complimented by design aesthetic that makes our seams flow with the body’s movement.

  2.       Flou-tailoring – A technique where the fabric is shaped directly on a live body, without the process of creation on a mannequin. The genesis of every design created in this collection is through live draping on the body.

  3.       PEET DULLAERT Techno pleating – A unique innovation of the house in treating fabric, techno pleating is manipulation of the house trademark pleated-fabric to create shapes. Fabrics that are either manipulated by hand or machine, and each piece created by only one Artisan. The way the fabric is pleated and structured, allows the wearer to truly move in the clothes; without feeling constrained by its fit. Even though each piece is couture made, the buyer can be assured that they will comfortably be able to fit into the clothes through the journey of their life. The techno pleating material further allows the wearer to travel without worrying about creases. One can bunch up the clothes, such that it is compact and can be fit into a travel suitcase, unfolded and draped on the body. For a carefree wearer that is active and does not want to be worried about ironing, luggage space, but priorities aesthetics and cuts.

  4.       Care for earth - For every purchase made directly via PEET DULLAERT and through our retailers we support four causes : 1% of our revenue goes towards carbon removal as a Stripe Climate Member.
    We fund the The Ocean Cleanup, while simultaneously raising awareness to protect and preserve the oceans and decaying coral reefs through our inspired collections.
    Via 'One Tree Planted' we donate trees to be planted in the Amazon rainforest, and donate to the 'Trees for the Future' organisation; to help improve the livelihoods of impoverished families by aiding to revitalise degraded lands through Forest Gardens, to aid efforts to reverse deforestation.

  5.       Responsible in-house production cycle – On a made to order basis, for ready to wear and couture, translating to our goal of conscious production. As the house only uses materials to fulfill specific orders leading to minimal scope for waste. Our shipment process is end to end carbon neutral with fully recyclable packaging.